Inside All You Can Eco

Now we are One!

It’s hard to believe we’re a year old.  It’s gone so fast, and yet when we think back to how we started we’ve done so much and learnt even more!

Every step of our journey has been supported by so many fantastic people. Family, friends, customers and suppliers who have given feedback and advice, and most importantly of all, bought something from our shop.  Each sale makes us still do a happy dance.

We now proudly support businesses ourselves, with more than 45 small businesses housed in All You Can Eco. Each one doing their thing to ensure a kinder impact on the environment. 

They are no longer businesses to us, they are our friends and we talk happily about their products.  You’re not buying from Wild Cornish Soaps, it’s Rebecca, pictures are Treana or Jamie, those candles are Millie’s, or Carl’s.  It makes us happy when people like our friends as much as we do.

Then there’s our regulars who we keep the Refill’s topped up for.  The chocolate raisins for Becky, Wen and Jules. The porridge for Andy and the secret buttons for Jack.  These customers has transcended their weekly shop, they are also our friends and we are delighted to have been adopted into their community.

We’ve also been proudly adopted by the businesses around us, some old, some new, but all there ready to whinge, laugh or roll eyes at the daily ups and downs of a seaside town! 

When we opened All You Can Eco on July 1st 2021, the future was scary and unclear – it still is a bit.  But we’re going forward this year with big plans, and we know our friends and our community have our backs.

Thank you all for shopping small, supporting local and taking a chance on us!

Georgie and Lara.